A few of the most widely known football club kits

Take a peek at the free content further down as we examine just a few of the most well-known soccer clubs and the iconic strips that they play the game in.

One of the most supported football clubs in England, a very pleasing point for the Chelsea FC owner to be sure, plays in royal blue. The all-blue strip got to be extremely widely known in the last decade or so, when Chelsea achieved such prosperous heights that it had not reached before. Formed in 1905, the club has always played in blue. But, in its early years it played in a much lighter blue and the all-blue strip was only created in the 1960s. The club is going through somewhat of a transitional phase currently after years of prominence, but experts think that there is no doubt the club will manage to be back on top once again and its fans will take pleasure in witnessing footballers in the iconic royal blue lifting trophies yet again.

When it comes to famous soccer kits, the most legendary of all belongs to perhaps one of the most brilliant teams to ever play football. The all-white Real Madrid kit is honestly iconic. Ever since its establishment in 1902, the Spanish team has consistently played in the iconic all-white kit – aside from one year where its home strip included black shorts (that move was done away with just 1 year later). Seeing as the team is perhaps the best club in the world, it should come as no shock that their kit is so different to all the others – a thing that the Real Madrid president obviously values. The club’s away colours are historically purple or blue but without any doubt, its supporters and general football addicts across the world will frequently relate the club with the regal white strip. After all, several of the world’s greatest footballers have put on the legendary kit.

Soccer kits come in all varied forms and some are more identifiable than others. Look at AC Milan as an example. The red and black stripes are associated with the legendary Italian club. In actuality, many different clubs all over Europe (and the world) play football in the red and black stripes, but no one will think of any of them ahead of the Italian team. A detail that the new AC Milan owner is definitely very happy with. Though not the force it once was, the club remains one of the top 10 football clubs in the world, and the red and black colours have been utilised by the club since it was first formed in 1899. They were apparently selected to represent the players' fiery enthusiasm (with the red) and the opponents' fear to challenge the club (with the black). There is no doubt football supporters will ever confuse the red and black stripes for being any other club.

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